A Woman-Owned S-Corporation specializing in strategic technical, programmatic, and organizational development advisory services to customers in the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), Federal Civil Agencies, State Agencies, and commercial entities.

We specialize in providing strategic engineering, program management, and organizational development support to enable our clients to succeed in ways that wouldn't otherwise be possible. We bring together a wide variety of tools, methods, materials, and people in unique ways to create value-added products and high payoff results for our customers.

In our increasingly complex world, organizations must contend with  technical, programmatic, and human challenges on timelines that require ever-greater agility.  This requires new methods of problem solving that can holistically address these multiple perspectives simultaneously.  New Bridge Partners has demonstrated the agility to bring these methods to our customers.

Our mission is to provide clients with top-quality and mission-responsive strategic technical, programmatic, analytic, and organizational development support to meet these demands.  We strive to advance the success of our customers through ground-breaking, yet achievable, solutions, processes, architectures, and collaboration.


Strong, practical systems engineering,
acquisition management, and organizational coaching knowledge
Focused on
customer results
by looking ahead
for opportunities,
risks, and secondary effects
deliberately created around teamwork, empowerment, and customer service
Unparalleled network of
long-standing personal relationships
Unique ability to attract and retain top-talent
High internal process efficiency and adaptability to dynamic needs