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Science, Engineering, and Analysis
Understanding, designing, and creating things that matter, things that work

Engineering Services for Spaceflight Systems & Architectures

  • Sensors, spacecraft, Systems Engineering
  • Electro optical systems, Overhead Persistent Infrared, and others
  • Architecture Design

Complex, Multi-source Ground system engineering

  • Architecture Design and Engineering
  • Persistent Mission Management
  • Realtime Multi-mission Data Processing
  • Sensor-independent Processing

Digital Engineering, Design Thinking

  • Model-based Systems Engineering
  • Agile development
  • Mission analysis, analysis of alternatives

Program Strategies, Management, and Advocacy
Managing complexity to deliver ​​new realities

  • Program Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Acquisition Strategy Development
  • Multi-agency Acquisitions
  • Budget & Finance Support
  • Program Advocacy & Messaging

Human Dimensions, Collaboration, and Organizational Effectiveness
Bridging the gap between systems, technologies, and ​​people

  • One-of-a-kind experiential learning
  • Trademarked and proven leadership courses
  • Certified professional coaching
  • Certified national course instruction
  • Fully cleared trainers and facilitators

NewBridge Partners Delivers Strategic Success to Our Clients

Multiple Dimensions of Decision-Making Demands a Holistic Approach

Technical Perspective:

  • Engineering & Science Knowledge
  • Multiple Disciplines

Programmatic Perspective:

  • Acquisition Knowledge, both Planning & Execution
  • Multiple Intelligence & Defense Agencies and Services

Human Perspective:

  • Organizational Knowledge and Understanding
  • Teaming and Collaboration Strategies

NewBridge Partners recognizes the importance of collaboration in all three areas, ultimately delivering the best strategies for mission development and execution.


NewBridge Partners will provide you the technical talent, programmatic expertise, and team building skills, to address any challenge or opportunity you face in the new space and national security environment.

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