NewBridge Partners, Inc. offers strategic technical, programmatic and organizational development support services. We will initially focus on customers within the DoD, IC, Civil, and State:

●      Space architecture design and development

●      Acquisition and program management advising

●      Multi-INT data fusion, analysis, and collaboration

●      Organizational mission development, structure enhancement, and communications improvement

●      Organizational onboarding and training program refinement and execution

We offer experienced and relevant strategic support to unique customer mission areas. Our tailored solutions and deep knowledge base are able to address dynamic customer project and office needs under stressing timelines and conditions.

Technical Advising: Services such as engineering studies, architecture design, concepts of operation, trade studies, requirements documentation, performance metric development, data analysis, strategic assessments, and new technology exploration and assessments.
Acquisition Management Support: Services for program assessments, budget development and execution tracking, contracting document preparation, working group participation, cross-agency coordination, strategic planning, customer advocacy, and internal tasking management
Organizational Development Support: Services for organizational development activities such as mission statement development, offsite preparation and facilitation, personnel interviews, workshop instruction, and report generation. We envision this expanding to include a “by the course” offering for specific types of leadership development instruction for various customers. Learn More
Analytic Support: Services for data analysis, tool development, modeling and simulation, trend analysis, predictive analysis, report generation, and customer coordination. We anticipate this expanding to a “service offering” where specific modules of training or blocks of work may be purchased for specific customer needs

NewBridge Partners, Inc. offers the following competitive services:


●      Personnel talent with specific program knowledge and experience spanning decades

●      Deep multi-INT fusion and community collaboration expertise

●      Certified professional coaches and Master Facilitators

●      Certified Government acquisition managers

●      No Organizational Conflicts of Interest with customer programs and agencies

●      Appropriately-cleared personnel to support highly-sensitive programs

●      Quick-Reaction Capability Acquisition Planning and Execution

●      Collaboration Operations Advisory Team (COAT)