NewBridge Partners is a company grounded in culture and committed to delivering unparalleled customer support. Our culture is founded on the principles of being “Humble, Hungry, and Smart  ”  We also expect the highest level of integrity and mutual respect for one another in all that we do.
NewBridge partners are Humble. They strive to put the needs and successes of others – particularly their customers, before themselves. They deflect credit upon themselves as individual contributors to the team as a whole and the customer. They believe in a calling and service greater than themselves.

NewBridge partners are Hungry. They continually look for opportunities to further the customer’s success and their own professional development. They understand that each project offers the chance to learn new skills and add new capabilities and experiences to support their customers in new ways.


NewBridge partners are Smart. They have common sense about people and possess a strong awareness of group dynamics, social intuition, and how to minimize and resolve team issues in a positive manner. They also make every effort to understand their words, actions and associated impact on others.

The equal combination of these three cultural elements is critical to forming the Ideal Team PlayerTM and, more importantly, a successful and sustainable NewBridge partner.  NewBridge Partners strives to embody this concept and approach through our support to our customers and one another.


1.  The Source for Organizational Health  www.tablegroup.com  © 2016 The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni


At NewBridge Partners, we believe “what’s in a name” is important. We believe the company name should also reflect the culture.


We selected “NewBridge” because a new bridge:

  • Takes you to places that were previously not easily accessible

  • Builds relationships between organizations that were not previously connected is built to endure over time, against challenging environmental conditions, and cultural evolutions


We selected “Partners” because a partner:

  • Works alongside their customer and works to see the world as they see it

  • Is a loyal participant through the challenges and success of their customer

  • Looks ahead and aims to anticipate the needs of their customer

  • Builds relationships across non-traditional and non-intuitive organizations for increased customer success